Equipment Categories



Equipment Categories

Fuel Type


Lift Height



Hyster A25-30XNT

B60ZAC2, B60-80ZHD2

Hyster B60ZAC2, B60-80ZHD2


Hyster BE80-100ZHD


Hyster C60-C80ZHD


Hyster E30-40HSD3


Hyster E30-40XN


Hyster E45-70XN


Hyster E50-60XNL


Hyster E80-120XN


Hyster H1050-1150XD-CH


Hyster H135-155FT


Hyster H150XD-EC4

Hyster Forklift Trucks for Sale

We offer a complete line of Hyster lift trucks designed to help you tackle even the most challenging warehouse operations. Hyster leverages over 90 years of experience to manufacture tough forklifts that meet the demands of the material handling industry.

Our Hyster equipment selection includes dozens of reliable machines, such as:

  • Order selectors: Operators use Hyster order selectors to pick and deliver the right materials to fill orders. They raise the lift operators onto the rack regardless of whether they have a load.
  • Side loaders: These specialized lift trucks can move sideways to navigate tight spaces and transport longer loads.
  • Rider pallet jacks: Hyster rider pallet jacks are electrically powered machines that allow operators to stand on the platform as they move products through the warehouse.
  • Electric forklifts: Minimize emissions and noise pollution with electric forklifts. These machines are powered by a battery that doubles as a counterweight.
  • LPG forklifts: We have Hyster LPG forklifts for sale that run on liquid propane gas (LPG), promoting lower operating costs and better power.
  • Diesel forklifts: These diesel fuel-powered forklifts are ideal for navigating more challenging terrain.

Advantages of Buying New Hyster Lift Trucks

Purchasing new Hyster forklifts from us means enjoying the benefits of a new machine:

  • Better performance: You can expect maximum power and efficiency with new forklifts, helping you improve job site productivity.
  • Reduced costs: New forklifts generally have fewer repair needs than older models, allowing you to enjoy greater cost savings.
  • New technologies: When you buy new machines, you’ll get to experience the latest features and technologies.
  • Longer service life: You’ll enjoy dependable operation for many years because you’re getting your forklifts at the beginning of their life cycles.

Find a Dependable Hyster Dealer Near You

With over 80 years of experience, Medley Equipment Company is the knowledgeable Hyster equipment dealer you can trust. You can find us in one of our 13 locations conveniently positioned across the U.S.

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