Whether one of your machines unexpectedly breaks down, you need extra equipment for a large job or you don’t have the fleet capabilities for a project, rental equipment is your solution. Construction equipment rentals serve as convenient, cost-effective and flexible investments for your temporary needs.

You can find all the construction rental and supply solutions your company requires at Medley Equipment Company. We’ve spent over 80 years providing companies with best-in-class material handling solutions they can depend on.

Our Construction Equipment Rentals in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas and Missouri

We carry a comprehensive selection of construction equipment ranging from forklifts to telehandlers manufactured by some of the biggest names in the industry, such as SkyTrak and Genie. No matter what machine you choose, our factory-trained and -certified technicians will make sure it’s running reliably and efficiently for maximum uptime.

Our construction rentals include the following machines:

Oklahoma City Scissor Lift Rental, Tulsa Scissor Lift Rental, Oklahoma Scissor Lift Rental, Amarillo Scissor Lift Rental, El Paso Scissor Lift Rental, Lubbock Scissor Lift Rental, Midland Scissor Lift Rental, Odessa Scissor Lift Rental, Texas Scissor Lift Rental, Albuquerque Scissor Lift Rental, Carlsbad Scissor Lift Rental, New Mexico Scissor Lift Rental, Springfield Scissor Lift Rental, Joplin Scissor Lift Rental, Columbia Missouri Scissor Lift Rental, Missouri Scissor Lift Rental, Little Rock Scissor Lift Rental, Fort Smith Scissor Lift Rental, Springdale Scissor Lift Rental, Arkansas Scissor Lift Rental

Scissor Lifts

You can move personnel vertically to reach high areas with our scissor lift rentals.

Boom Lift Rental Oklahoma City, Boom Lift Rental Tulsa, Boom Lift Rental Oklahoma, Boom Lift Rental Amarillo, Boom Lift Rental El Paso, Boom Lift Rental Lubbock, Boom Lift Rental Midland, Boom Lift Rental Odessa, Boom Lift Rental Texas, Boom Lift Rental Albuquerque, Boom Lift Rental Carlsbad, Boom Lift Rental New Mexico, Boom Lift Rental Springfield, Boom Lift Rental Joplin, Boom Lift Rental Columbia Missouri, Boom Lift Rental Missouri, Boom Lift Rental Little Rock, Boom Lift Rental Fort Smith, Boom Lift Rental Springdale, Boom Lift Rental Arkansas

Boom Lifts

Our rental boom lifts deliver maximum maneuverability and elevation vertically and horizontally.

Rough Terrain Rental Oklahoma City, Rough Terrain Rental Tulsa, Rough Terrain Rental Oklahoma, Rough Terrain Rental Amarillo, Rough Terrain Rental El Paso, Rough Terrain Rental Lubbock, Rough Terrain Rental Midland, Rough Terrain Rental Odessa, Rough Terrain Rental Texas, Rough Terrain Rental Albuquerque, Rough Terrain Rental Carlsbad, Rough Terrain Rental New Mexico, Rough Terrain Rental Springfield, Rough Terrain Rental Joplin, Rough Terrain Rental Columbia Missouri, Rough Terrain Rental Missouri, Rough Terrain Rental Little Rock, Rough Terrain Rental Fort Smith, Rough Terrain Rental Springdale, Rough Terrain Rental Arkansas

Rough Terrain Forklifts

Navigating rough, uneven or soft terrain is easy with our powerful construction forklift rentals.

Telehandler Rental Oklahoma City, Telehandler Rental Tulsa, Telehandler Rental Oklahoma, Telehandler Rental Amarillo, Telehandler Rental El Paso, Telehandler Rental Lubbock, Telehandler Rental Midland, Telehandler Rental Odessa, Telehandler Rental Texas, Telehandler Rental Albuquerque, Telehandler Rental Carlsbad, Telehandler Rental New Mexico, Telehandler Rental Springfield, Telehandler Rental Joplin, JLG Telehandler Rental Columbia Missouri, Telehandler Rental Missouri, Telehandler Rental Little Rock, Telehandler Rental Fort Smith, Telehandler Rental Springdale, Telehandler Rental Arkansas


We have telehandlers for rent that transport loads across job sites, accessing even the most hard-to-reach places.

Utility Vehicle Rental Oklahoma City, Utility Vehicle Rental Tulsa, Utility Vehicle Rental Oklahoma, Utility Vehicle Rental Amarillo, Utility Vehicle Rental El Paso, Utility Vehicle Rental Lubbock, Utility Vehicle Rental Midland, Utility Vehicle Rental Odessa, Utility Vehicle Rental Texas, Utility Vehicle Rental Albuquerque, Utility Vehicle Rental Carlsbad, Utility Vehicle Rental New Mexico, Utility Vehicle Rental Springfield, Utility Vehicle Rental Joplin, Utility Vehicle Rental Columbia Missouri, Utility Vehicle Rental Missouri, Utility Vehicle Rental Little Rock, Utility Vehicle Rental Fort Smith, Utility Vehicle Rental Springdale, Utility Vehicle Rental Arkansas

Utility Vehicles

Our powerful utility vehicles rentals will get you and your equipment where you need to go quickly and safely.

Light Tower Rental Oklahoma City, Light Tower Rental Tulsa, Light Tower Rental Oklahoma, Light Tower Rental Amarillo, Light Tower Rental El Paso, Light Tower Rental Lubbock, Light Tower Rental Midland, Light Tower Rental Odessa, Light Tower Rental Texas, Light Tower Rental Albuquerque, Light Tower Rental Carlsbad, Light Tower Rental New Mexico, Light Tower Rental Springfield, Light Tower Rental Joplin, Light Tower Rental Columbia Missouri, Light Tower Rental Missouri, Light Tower Rental Little Rock, Light Tower Rental Fort Smith, Light Tower Rental Springdale, Light Tower Rental Arkansas

Light Towers

Your crew will be able to see clearly even during late-night construction with our light tower rentals.

Benefits of Renting Construction Equipment

Renting construction equipment from Medley Equipment Company will help your company achieve:

  • Optimal flexibility: Rental equipment gives you the flexibility to complete projects, whether you’re replacing a damaged machine or taking on a one-time project.
  • Minimal service costs: We perform constant upkeep on our rental equipment so you won’t have to pay for maintenance or repair services. 
  • New technologies: Our construction rental and supply products comprise innovative features and new technologies you can take advantage of without paying purchase prices.
  • Storage savings: You’ll save on storage costs and space with machine rentals compared to owned equipment.

Find Construction Forklift and Telehandler Rentals Near You

If you’re looking for construction equipment rentals you can rely on, Medley Equipment Company has the solutions you need. We’re proud to serve as one of the nation’s top 10 material handling dealers.

To learn more about our equipment rentals, call 405-946-3453 or contact us online today!

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