Oilfield work requires the most durable, high-performing equipment to get the job done right and on time. Quick access to high-quality machinery allows your job site to operate smoothly without production delays. In many cases, renting oilfield equipment makes more sense than buying. This strategy is beneficial in various situations, whether you’re determining if a piece of equipment will work for your application or you’re replacing an existing machine during a repair.

At Medley Equipment Company, we understand that partnering with a reliable and trustworthy dealer is crucial to your oilfield operation’s success. Our knowledgeable and experienced team is committed to putting you in the seat of the perfect machine quickly and cost-effectively. 

Oilfield Equipment for Rent

The professionals at Medley Equipment Company aim to make our rental process as seamless as possible, allowing you to focus on your work in the oilfield. We offer a comprehensive inventory of the industry’s most technologically advanced equipment rentals to give you a competitive edge. Our rental options include models from some of the industry’s most recognized brands.

Some examples of the equipment we offer throughout the Texas region and beyond are:

Scissor Lifts

Electric and rough terrain scissor lifts are vital for safely elevating oilfield workers to hard-to-reach spaces that are otherwise inaccessible.

Boom Lifts

We offer any boom lift configuration you need, from articulating boom lifts to telescopic boom lifts. These devices provide maximum vertical and horizontal reach to the highest points of your job site.


Forklifts are vital for most oilfield operations because they help move materials quickly and efficiently around a work site, including items like heavy pipes, oil mats and rigging supplies. 

Light Towers

Our light towers feature easy-to-use controls and state-of-the-art technology to deliver the safety and proper lighting your oilfield workers need.

Air Compressors

These devices provide a steady flow of compressed air for various oilfield applications, from drilling to pipeline work to well testing.

Storage Containers

Keeping your tools organized and secure from the elements is critical for streamlining your oilfield operations. Our storage container rentals offer a safe, portable and cost-effective solution. 

Advantages of Renting vs. Buying Oilfield Equipment

While buying oilfield equipment has advantages in some circumstances, renting offers significant benefits in many others. Oilfield equipment rentals from Medley Equipment Company, the leading oilfield services provider in Texas, give you access to high-performance machinery at a fraction of the cost of buying. More reasons why renting oilfield equipment is often more beneficial than purchasing it outright include:

  • Access to advanced technology: Our rental equipment inventory features some of the market’s newest and most innovative models, allowing you to experience the most advanced technology.
  • No maintenance or storage costs: When you rent, you don’t need to worry about the costs of repairs or maintenance. Renting also eliminates the costs of storing your oilfield equipment when idle.
  • Flexibility: Because no two jobs are the same, you may often need different types of machinery for each project. Renting gives you access to the right tool for the job every time, whether you need it for a day, a week, a month or longer. Quick access to rental equipment also allows you to take on new projects you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to handle.
  • Optimized fleet management: Renting will enable you to minimize the number of machines in your fleet, eliminating the extra work that comes with managing an extensive equipment inventory. 

Trust Medley Equipment Company for Your Oilfield Operation’s Rental Needs

Choose Medley Equipment Company for your oilfield equipment rentals to benefit from partnering with one of the most trusted service providers in the region. We put the needs of our customers first by offering the most durable and efficient equipment solutions backed by world-class customer support. To make a reservation, connect with us online or stop by one of our convenient locations in Texas or the surrounding area today.

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