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Decrease ownership costs and increase vehicle lifespan with Yale fleet management. With strategies like fleet right-sizing, you can boost your bottom line by up to 25%. Add a predictive maintenance plan and you can reduce overall maintenance costs by up to 30%.

Yale Fleet Management. The Fleet People.

You depend on a reliable and productive lift truck fleet to keep your operations moving. But do you know how much your fleet costs to operate? Does your current fleet configuration contribute to increased productivity and utilization? Is there room to cut costs and increase productivity?

National Fleet Service Plan Options

With over 50,000 assets in our national fleet management programs, Yale Fleet Management has a program that can meet the needs of your fleet and your operational goals. All programs include Service for all makes/models: our technicians have the experience you’re looking for and as single-source service providers, we hire only the best technicians. They have the training, certification, and experience to efficiently repair other makes of equipment to keep your downtime to an absolute minimum…

Best in Class Service Provider Network

When it comes to lift trucks, we do it all.

Nationwide Service Event Management and Administration

No matter where or what the issue is, the Yale Fleet Management Team stands ready to manage the repair in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible to keep your facility productive and your costs down. With the Yale Fleet people, you have a fleet management team on your side overseeing all services performed on your fleet before, during and after.

Management and Continuous Improvement

As a partner, Yale Fleet Management is involved in all aspects of your fleet’s operations―providing you with a complete picture of operational costs and areas for improvement.

Certified Remanufactured Trucks

In certain applications or budgets, purchasing or renting a new lift truck may not be a viable option. In this situation, ask us about the Yale® Remanufactured Program. With a Yale® Certified Remanufactured Truck, you can rest assured of the same Yale quality you have come to expect from a new Yale lift truck.

Aftermarket Service Parts

As a valued Yale Fleet Management customer, you will automatically receive preferred parts pricing. Depending on the size of your fleet this could represent additional savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Financing and Lease Programs

Whether you are acquiring a single truck or an entire fleet of Yale® lift trucks, Yale Financial Services can offer a leasing program to meet your needs.

Operator and Technician Training

OSHA requires that all lift truck operators receive the proper training and certification to help ensure they can safely operate a lift truck. Our training is not only truck-specific but site-specific as well.


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