Planned Maintenance (PM) service is created to ensure that your forklift always operates at its peak performance. It can also prevent chances of downtime and helps increase productivity.

Medley Equipment Company has the resources and expertise to help you effectively manage your fleet while lowering operation costs. Our Fleet Management Program is designed to analyze your specific needs and implement the right system to maximize your fleet’s potential at the lowest cost per hour.

Benefits of Fleet Management:

Fleet Right Sizing – Administrative Cost Reduction – Reduces Maintenance Costs & Downtime – Planned Maintenance Management – Equipment Disposal – Resource Planning – Production & Capacity Analysis – Asset Management Enhancement – Continuous Cost Improvement

Well-maintained equipment lasts longer. To learn more about Medley Equipment’s planned maintenance and service programs, please text/chat with us at +1 (855) 962-1755 for a maintenance plan tailored to your equipment and operation.

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