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5 Tips for Buying or renting a Rough Terrain Forklift

Rough terrain forklifts are built for outdoor jobs on uneven surfaces. Familiarity with all terrain forklift models and capabilities will help you find the right new or used all-terrain forklift in Albuquerque. When shopping for rough-terrain forklifts, what your fleet needs may not be the most expensive model on the lot.

Understanding All-Terrain Tires

Rough-terrain forklifts are usually found on construction sites, road work, maintenance, & all-weather operations. Special tires are required on job sites when navigating on uneven surfaces and loose gravel. There are two main types of all-terrain tires. Solid rough terrain forklift tires & air or foam filled semi-pneumatic tires.

Solid Pneumatic rough terrain forklift Tires –Provide a strong grip and are popular on construction sites. Built to resist punctures, Solid all terrain forklift tires are molded onto steel rings of varying widths and diameters. They are made completely of rubber, synthetics, or polyurethane. With a solid forklift tire, you eliminate the risk of a flat tire. However, there are some obvious disadvantages to solid all terrain tires. One disadvantage is weight, and another is comfort. Solid tires provide a rougher ride which makes the operator less comfortable.

Air or foam filled Pneumatic tires –Provide a strong grip and are popular for lumber yards, & indoor/outdoor warehouses. Air and foam filled tires can absorb the unevenness of rough terrains. They have the benefit of added traction and flotation on semi hard surfaces such as gravel.

Polyurethane tires –A type of warehouse forklift press-on tire, they are lightweight and more resistant to splitting, tearing, or chunking out under a load. Built to combine good traction with low rolling resistance

What are the different types of Rough Terrain Forklifts?

Rough terrain forklifts are heavy duty lifting machines and are used for a variety of out-door projects. They require specialized training to operate safely. We offer multiple rough terrain forklifts in Albuquerque. The three most common types of all-terrain forklifts are vertical mast rough terrain forklifts, variable reach rough terrain forklifts, and truck or trailer mounted rough terrain forklifts.

Vertical Mast Rough Terrain Forklift – Vertical mast forklift is ruggedly built. Great for ground speed & maneuverability. Designed with two large tires in the front of the forklift and smaller tires in the back. Rough terrain vertical mast forklifts are larger and made to handle heavier loads than vertical mast counterbalanced forklifts.

Variable Reach Rough Terrain Forklift – Variable reach rough terrain forklift is vehicle-mounted and fitted with a telescopic boom lift. Rough terrain variable reach forklifts are designed to pickup and transport loads at variable distances and heights. The boom can reach out directly in front of the lift truck or raised directly above it. Designed with a low stowed height to allow for superior maneuverability through narrow passages.

Trailer Mounted Rough Terrain Forklift – Truck or trailer mounted rough terrain forklifts are designed for portability. Mounted rough terrain forklifts are easy to transfer from one work site to another.