“We’re On a Mission” To Make Sure That Your Company Is OSHA Certified

At Medley Equipment Company “We’re On a Mission” to make sure that you, and your employees are OSHA certified to properly operate your equipment safely and effectively.

How Operator Training Benefits You?

Investing in operator training will ensure you have the most competent and skilled workforce to run your facility. Other benefits include:

  • Decreased equipment downtime: When operators understand their equipment, they know how to adjust it and keep it running smoothly. With proper training, your employees will avoid idle time, extend equipment life span and save fuel.
  • Fewer lost-time injuries: Proper training ensures employees know how to keep themselves safe while on the job. As they learn the dangers of their equipment, they can operate with greater safety and caution.
  • Enhanced driver efficiency: Trained operators know how to get the most out of their equipment, navigating processes efficiently. Training gives your employees the confidence and knowledge they need to work quickly and efficiently.
  • Minimized product damage: Operator training will teach your operators how to control their equipment with dexterity and precision to ensure products are protected throughout transport. With greater product protection, your company will see more significant cost savings.
  • Improved bottom line: When operators are trained to use their equipment, they are taught to notice maintenance needs, preventing costly repairs. A trained operator will also use less fuel and keep equipment running smoothly, helping your company save more money.
  • Reduced accidents: Enjoy greater workplace safety with trained operators who know how to handle heavy equipment and respond to emergencies. Employees can keep themselves and others safe when they know how to properly manage their resources.
  • Greater accuracy: Operators trained in the use of their equipment will have the confidence they need to move quickly and accurately. With their knowledge powering your workforce, your company will see greater accuracy in operations and more cost savings.
  • Increased productivity: When your employees are confident in their roles and with their equipment, your company will see greater productivity and a smoother workflow. Operators will know how to get the most out of their equipment, helping your company meet goals and exceed expectations.

Where Our Forklift Operator Training Takes Place

We will bring our operator training to you! To give your employees the best hands-on instruction, our certified trainers will come to your location and help your operators learn how to use the equipment in your facility. We also host occasional classes inside our Experience Center.

Our certified instructors will ensure your employees receive thorough training so your company can benefit from greater safety, efficiency and cost savings. We now have a dedicated operator safety trainer for the Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas, equipping us to give your company valuable tips for operator training and focused attention for improving your bottom line.

What’s Involved?

  • Training begins in the classroom, where our certified instructors accompanied by a few short videos will teach enrollees on basic equipment operation and OSHA regulations.
  • Following the classroom instruction, a written test will be given to insure all enrollees have a basic understanding of the material.
  • Finally, enrollees will be required to demonstrate basic operation procedures of the equipment they are training to be certified to use in your facility.

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10 Simple Tips for Operating a Forklift Safely

Our certified instructors will ensure your employees understand all the necessary safety regulations to operate equipment within your facility with the greatest care and efficiency. A few tips we incorporate in our operator training include:

Operators Must Be Qualified – Make sure to get certified before operating equipment.

Examine Equipment Before Use – Get to know your equipment, parts, use and do a routine check before starting the engine.

Consider the Surrounding Environment – Always pay attention of your surroundings; follow the sites rules and guidelines.

Operate at A Safe Speed – Always follow the equipment speed limit and take turns slowly.

Avoid Hazards Keep out of areas with bumps, uneven surface and loose objects on the ground.

Ensure your Load is Stable and Secure – Before moving to point A-to-B check your load if its stable and secure, and make sure that they are stocked properly and not overloaded.

Keep Clear of the Mast – Make sure to warn people to not stand or walk under the load or forklift machinery.

Fueling the Equipment – Make sure you are at the designated and a place that is well-ventilated, and turn off forklift when fueling.

End of the Day Shift – Park the equipment in the designated with fully lowered forks and apply park brake and turn equipment off.

Wear Appropriate Clothing – Wear appropriate safety work wear provided by your company.

Let Our Material Handling Specialists Manage Your Training Needs

Medley Equipment Company has specialized in material handling since 1941, bringing customers the solutions and services they need for their facilities. We are confident as a leader in our industry and plan to keep our customers and future clients satisfied. 

Let us take care of your training needs! Reach out to one of our experts through text, chat or our online form. We also have locations across the nation in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Missouri and Arkansas, so come visit your local material handling expert for your operator training needs.

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