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Equipment Categories

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Yale ERC030-040VA


Yale ERC045-070VG


Yale ERC050-060VGL


Yale ERC080-120VH


Yale ERP025-030VC


Yale ERP030-040VF


Yale ERP030-040VT


Yale ERP040VFL


Yale ERP040VTL


Yale ERP045-070VL


Yale ERP050-060VLL


Yale ERP080-120VM

Yale Equipment for Sale

Yale is among the most highly esteemed forklift brands due to their machines’ exceptional durability and performance. We’re proud to carry an extensive selection of top-quality forklifts from Yale, helping customers get the most value for their investments.
You can find dozens of lift trucks from Yale in our inventory, including:

Stand-up reach trucks: These machines are ideal for applications where operators must frequently step on and off the truck. Yale stand-up forklifts require less space than sit-down forklifts.
Pallet jacks: Yale pallet jacks are basic forklifts used for moving pallets horizontally across the warehouse.
Walkie pallet trucks: Operators walk behind or beside these electrically operated pallet trucks, making transporting products easier.
Electric forklifts: These forklifts are powered by a battery that also acts as a stabilizing counterweight. Electric lift trucks minimize noise pollution and emissions.
Reach trucks: Yale reach trucks are compact forklifts used in narrow-aisle applications.

Benefits of Buying New Forklifts From Yale
When you purchase Yale forklifts from us, you’ll experience the benefits of owning new machinery:

Longevity: When you buy new forklifts, you’ll receive them at the start of their life cycles, giving you maximum equipment longevity.
Performance: You can achieve optimal performance and efficiency on the job site with new forklifts.
Technology: Yale forklifts are equipped with the latest technologies and features, delivering maximum safety and efficiency.
Cost efficiency: New equipment typically doesn’t require the level of maintenance or repairs as used machines, helping you save money.

Why Choose Medley Equipment Company for Yale Electric Forklifts?
Buying machinery from Medley Equipment Company means experiencing the following perks:

Customer service: We deliver unbeatable customer experiences by facilitating effective listening and communication.
Equipment: Our vast inventory comprises state-of-the-art equipment you can depend on.
Experience: We’ve served customers across the U.S. since 1941.
Services: You can purchase part replacements and maintenance services from us to maximize uptime.
Resources: You can refer to our knowledgeable staff as a resource to serve your needs.

Find a Yale Dealer Near You
Purchase Yale equipment for sale at Medley Equipment Company. When you buy from us, you can expect fast response times and exceptional customer service.
Contact us to learn more about our Yale forklifts today!