Phoenix 3030

The Phoenix 3030 is a compact brush scrubber with a 30-inch cleaning path and two 15-inch Aqua-Stop disc brushes. Aqua-Stop technology can improve chemical and water savings by 20%. The underside of the brush retains the water and chemicals used for cleaning for a longer period of time. The Aqua-Stop ring encapsulates the bristles to trap the water. This design helps your team deliver professional cleaning results with minimal water flow required.

The Phoenix 3030 comes with a low brush deck. This design makes it perform well when cleaning underneath objects like shelving, warehouse fixtures and similar large items.


The Phoenix walk-behind scrubber series are some of PowerBoss’ most innovative industrial machines. Using advanced technology and green clean features, these scrubbers are engineered to optimize how you clean floors. Experience revolutionary scrubbing.

The Phoenix 3030 can clean up to 40,920 square feet per hour. With a scrub path of 30 inches and two 15-inch scrubbing brush discs, this Phoenix floor-cleaning machine is an easy-to-operate and efficient tool. 

Equipment Type
Walk-Behind Scrubbers / Floor Cleaning