Admiral 38 – 38″ Cylindrical

The Admiral 38C provides sweeping, intensive scrubbing and perfect vacuuming in one pass. A system with single front-wheel steering and drive provides exceptional traction. This machine delivers excellent maneuverability while being easy to use and super productive. Cylindrical brushes provide complete floor cleaning coverage as they float over the floor. From smooth floors to the roughest surfaces, this Powerboss floor scrubber can handle anything.

This model’s sweeping functions are especially effective in industrial areas. Manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and warehouses are ideal settings for the Powerboss rider scrubber. The Admiral 38C will thoroughly clear small debris and dirty surfaces.


The Powerboss rider scrubbers in the Admiral series provide an excellent solution for routine cleaning and scrubbing operations. Admiral scrubbers are some of the most powerful ride-on scrubbers in our inventory, so these compact, hard-working powerhouse vehicles get the job done quickly and effectively. Operators can ride comfortably, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity.

Equipment Type
Rider Scrubbers / Floor Cleaning