Lift Truck Productivity

Increase Lift Truck Productivity Which lift truck is right for you? END RIDER TRUCKS We’ve changed the game. Introducing the new Yale® end rider. Imagine this: Your operator can pick faster and improve overall efficiency in the warehouse. The Yale end rider truck is built to make your operation exceed your expectations. Made for efficiency…

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Stand-Up or Sit-Down Forklifts

Stand-Up and Sit-Down Forklifts Which one works best for you? What kind of forklift does your operation need? Most people would pick a sit-down forklift becauseit is standard, but sometimes a stand-up forklift is better to get the job done. Ask yourself some questions before choosing a forklift: Will the lift beused for extended periods…

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Indoor vs. Outdoor Forklifts

Indoor vs. Outdoor Forklifts Improve your operation with Medley The difference between indoor and outdoor forklifts comes down to the tires. Most forklifts will only allow a specific type of tire, which is why it is important to choose the right forklift for your operation. Indoor Forklifts – Cushion Tires Cushion tiresare great for indoor…

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