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Indoor vs. Outdoor Forklifts

Most forklifts will only allow a specific type of tire, so it is important to choose the right forklift for your operation.

Having the right tires can save energy in your facility, reduce your expenses, increase workers’ productivity and protect them from accidents.

Reasons to Choose Cushion Tires for Indoor Forklifts

Whether transporting raw materials from the storage unit to the production segment or arranging the finished product in your facility, you need tires with long-run traction. Cushion tires are the best for indoor operations because of their superior features. These tires:

  • Are fitted around a metal band and made of smooth, solid rubber.
  • Have a smaller turning radius, which makes them great for smaller warehouses.
  • Last long and have great traction on smooth surfaces.
  • Are easy to find and less expensive.

Reasons to Choose Pneumatic Tires for Outdoor Forklifts

The terrain outdoors is rough compared to the smooth indoor surface in a warehouse. You need tires that can withstand the rough ground and last to save your facility operational expenses. Pneumatic tires absorb the impacts of irregularities on the road, leading to a smooth ride. Pneumatic tires have the following features that enable them to move material safely:

  • They are longer and wider than cushion tires.
  • Solid pneumatic tires contain solid rubber that can resist punctures.
  • Air pneumatic tires can be foam filled for a smoother ride.

It’s important to note that air pneumatic tires can experience punctures. You can avoid punctures by eliminating sharp objects from the environment.

How to Care for Forklift Tires

You can extend the life span of your forklift tires and reduce your maintenance costs by:

  • Pumping your tires with the right amount of inflation.
  • Hiring operators who can drive the forklifts carefully and avoid pressuring the wheels when it is not necessary.
  • Aligning your forklift wheels to distribute weight and promote balanced usage of the tires.
  • Balancing your equipment wheels to lower the center of gravity and protect the equipment from overturning.
  • Buying high-quality tires with sufficient traction to allow smooth operation for an extended period.
  • Disposing of worn-out tires by dropping them in recycling centers to reduce waste in your facility and protect the environment.
  • Cleaning your tires to remove organic and inorganic compounds that may wear out the rims and other metallic components.
  • Storing your equipment in a protected area to prevent vandalism.

Get Indoor and Outdoor Tires at Medley Equipment Company

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