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Medley Equipment Company to Unveil New, On-site, Full-scale, Full-service Demonstration, Training and Resource Facility! Spring 2022, Medley Equipment Company will unveil our new, onsite, full-scale, full-service, demonstration, training and resource facility! Fully interactive, Taylor made to fit your specific needs; replicate your exact workstation with fully adjustable racks, dock levelers, forklifts and more.  

Forklift Injury Prevention

Common Forklift Injuries How to prevent accidents and injuries. Safety is our number one priority while operating equipment. Unfortunately, accidents can occur if operators are not informed or not following all safety procedures. Some injuries are simply caused by prolonged forklift operation, but there are other common forklift accidents that can be prevented. Here are…

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Lift Truck Operator Safety Training

Your Key to Effective Safety Training Lift Truck Operator Safety Training Did you know? Since 1999, OSHA has required that all lift truck operators receive proper training and certification to help ensure safe operation, and that: That’s why you should make workplace safety a constant commitment. Want to learn how Medley Can help keep your…

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