10 Simple Tips for Operating a Forklift Safely

  1. Operators Must Be Qualified -Make sure to get certified before operating equipment.
  1. Examine Equipment Before Use -Get to know your equipment, parts, use and do a routine check before starting the engine.
  1. Consider the Surrounding Environment -Always pay attention of your surroundings; follow the sites rules and guidelines.
  1. Operate at A Safe Speed -Always follow the equipment speed limit and take turns slowly.
  1. Avoid Hazards -Keep out of areas with bumps, uneven surface and loose objects on the ground.
  1. Ensure your Load is Stable and Secure -Before moving to point A-to-B check your load if its stable and secure, and make sure that they are stocked properly and not overloaded.
  1. Keep Clear of the Mast -Make sure to warn people to not stand or walk under the load or forklift machinery.
  1. Fueling the Equipment -Make sure you are at the designated and a place that is well-ventilated, and turn off forklift when fueling.
  1. End of the Day Shift -Park the equipment in the designated with fully lowered forks and apply park brake and turn equipment off.
  1. Wear Appropriate Clothing -Wear appropriate safety work wear provided by your company.

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