Yale Reliant™ Technology

Yale Reliant™ is a robust technology suite designed to reinforce lift truck operating best practices. Supports operator awareness, tailored to the unique challenges of warehouse operations. It limits equipment performance based on equipment status, location and operating conditions, while keeping the operator in control of the lift truck. Activates automatic speed control based on rules…

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Did You Know…

Did You Know… Did you know we offer SEVEN classes of Material Handling Equipment? We do! This means, we are able to provide Material Handling Solutions for a very large variety of Material Handling Needs! Did you know, we also offer everything you need for Warehouse Setup and Warehouse Safety? Did you also know we…

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Combilift with the recognition win! Congratulations

Combilift with the recognition win! Congratulations! Job well done!  Combilift is recognized as the overall winner of the Energia Family Business of the Year 2021! Read more:

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Purchasing Used Forklifts at Medley Equipment in Oklahoma

Purchasing Used Forklifts in Oklahoma Why consumers in Oklahoma should purchase used forklifts from Medley Equipment Company Purchasing Used Forklifts in Oklahoma may be challenging when facing the challenges of trying to solve your lifting or material handling needs. Understanding what type of forklift is needed for your application in addition to obtaining enough knowledge…

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Get the Most Out of Your Forklift Battery

Get the Most out of Your Forklift Battery What you should and shouldn’t do. Get the most out of your forklift battery When you are charging a forklift battery, there are a few things you should and shouldn’t do. This will ensure the battery life is as long as it is supposed to be and…

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Forklift Battery Charging

Forklift Battery Charging Requirements This big change led to big results Keeping up with demanding workloads is hard enough. Your lift truck power should be a help, not a hindrance. A tier one automotive parts supplier dealt with lead-acid battery pains that compromised operational efficiency. Short charging habits reduced battery life, slow charging led to…

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Forklift Tire Service

Medley Solutions: Forklift Tire Service Medley offers forklift tire service for most brands and makes, and proud to offer competitive pricing through our Mobile Tire Service. Contact us today to request a FREE evaluation with our certified and trained technicians. We can replace broken tires both in our facility or press tires using our state…

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Yale Forklift Battery | Forklift Battery Warning Signs

Cauliflower should be on your dinner plate, not on your battery. Old or prematurely-aged lead-acid batteries may negatively affect your KPIs and profitability. If you have noticed one or more of these battery warning signs, you may need to consider replacement. Slower lift and travel speeds Power output from motive lead-acid batteries is not constant…

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Forklift Parts Supplier in Oklahoma City & Tulsa

Forklift Parts in Oklahoma City and Tulsa Forklift Parts in Oklahoma City and Tulsa has one goal. We want your forklift parts business. If you are searching the web for a One Stop Forklift Parts in Oklahoma and Tulsa, you have found a reliable solution. Medley Parts is dedicated to providing our customers with convenience…

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