"Our Hearts and Eyes are Full"

In the words of our Business Development Lead, Taryn Bradley, "we are just now being able to process what we did on Saturday… We literally volunteered 12 hours to train 20 people from our community on forklifts FOR FREE!!"

Saturday, July 8, 2023, our Medley Cares team and The Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City hosted Jason Moore, Trainer III of Hyster Yale Training and Development; who lead our Forklift Operator Familiarization School.


We kicked off the morning with THE MOST AMAZING donuts you will ever sink your teeth into, Veteran owned, Polar Donuts on the Northwest corner of Reno and Meridian; AND freshly brewed STARBUCKS Pike and Dark Roast coffee donated by Brooke in Guthrie, Oklahoma, located at 2325 E. Oklahoma Ave.!

7:30 AM our first van arrived and registration began! Followed by classroom instruction and hands-on demonstration, but this was different...

"Different, But In A Good Way"

Yesterday’s training was different, but in a good way. For one it was on a Saturday and “off the clock”. It was a volunteer training I was asked to lead. What was the purpose? To help people gain the skills, knowledge, and training to help them get a foothold on their lives. We called it Forklift Operator School. We talked about forklifts and OSHA and stability and pre shift inspections and we put them in the trucks for some practical experience. So how is that different? I was able to incorporate a talk about goals and dreams. We got to discuss a dream they had and help them forge a path of small goals to reach the ultimate goal. I had the room to share my faith and relate my story of how my lack of life skills and training had crippled me as a young man. It was one the hardest days of training in have participated in, but again in a good way. It allowed me to use every skill I have learned. How to be a leader, how to be a listener, how to be firm when needed and how to be patient, so very patient with the new operator. I was able to reflect on how every training class I’ve ever presented prior to this was different and how the vast majority of people I have trained to either be operators or trainers took it as just part of the day. Yes, I have trained people who said “I learned so much today, and I can see how to make my classes better, thank you for showing me how to do that” and they have walked away with a feeling of excitement to make a change. I have seen operators loose the tension and fear of operating equipment and become comfortable and in turn say “thank you, this will help me to work towards promotions within my company”. Yesterday was different, but in a good way. We conducted two classes and had a graduation ceremony at the end of each. During the second class a young man had his wife and baby sit in the office and wait. While she was waiting she requested a pencil and piece of paper and asked if someone would help her learn to write in cursive. We just happened to have a veteran school teacher volunteering that day and she is now going to meet this young lady and teach her. We had a middle aged man whose life has been full of not so great decisions ask if he could call his family when he learned he would be receiving recognition for his participation. His mother and family showed up to video his graduation from Forklift Operator School. He commented “This is the only good thing I’ve done in a long time”. His smile was the biggest I’ve ever seen and his sense of pride and accomplishment filled every empty space in the room. Yes, I cried. Yesterday’s class was different but in a good way.

Jason Moore, Trainer III, Hyster Yale Training and Development

"HUGE THANK YOU, Stryten Energy"

Our delicious lunch was powered by Stryten Energy, the most unique, quality ingredients, freshly baked pizza from Eastside Pizza House, off NE 23rd street, "The Place for Community" and where the names of their specialty pizza's have historical significance!

The Eastside of OKC, is home to Oklahoma’s largest African American community, and has been a beacon for Black Owned business in Oklahoma City from Deep Deuce to 4th St. NE 23rd Street, being the 2nd busiest street, was also a helm for business, as well as civil rights, art and culture. Clara Luper, Roscoe Dunjee, Ralph Ellison and so many more Icons make up the fabric of the Eastside.

Jabee, Local Recording Artist and Owner of Eastside Pizza House

Each candidate, left with their course completion certificate, personalized letter of reference, copies of their professional resumes the Urban League's Work Ready program assisted with, a list of community resources, and interview tips; in-hand upon completing Saturday's hands-on demonstration and classroom education.

This was by far the MOST HUMBLE AND APPRECIATIVE group of people we have ever served… and our phones have been blowing up all weekend with calls and texts of appreciation. This morning we've been fielding calls and viewing videos from one participant that was selected amongst his peers to drive a forklift TODAY (2 days after being trained) Our hearts and eyes are SO FULL!"

Taryn Bradley, Medley Equipment Company Business Development Lead

It is truly an honor to get to be a part of these events. It was so wonderful to see the students encouraging each other and cheering each other on throughout the HOT day! But, the gentleman that invited his family to the certificate ceremony saying "finally, I've done something good, they can be proud of" was worth every single second that went into planning and collaborating on this impact." I am so grateful our company allows us to Lift Up Our Community in this effort."

Jennifer Owens, Medley Equipment Company, Social Media Specialist

Yesterday, we took to the streets, following up with several of our Oklahoma owned, justice impacted friendly employers, sharing our graduates' resumes and verbally recommending them for employment. Before we were even pulled out of our parking lot, Taryn had received a video from one student, connecting his seatbelt on the forklift he was chosen to operate for work yesterday; over his peers, simply because he had video proof of his ability from Saturday's course!

Although every candidate is fully aware, prior to registering for, and completion of this familiarization course, that we can not guarantee employment; to our surprise, several employers we greatly appreciative to us for passing on our qualified candidate leads, and one even requested we supply the contact information for each applicant, so that he could reach out to schedule them for interviews!

"Word seems to be getting out" Brandon Kirkpatrick, Medley Equipment Company Marketing and Business Development Manager reported first thing this morning, "multiple likeminded organizations and local companies have already reached out to inquire more about our program and this opportunity; and have also committed to spending the day with us for our next FREE class being offered Saturday, August 26, 2023".

Whether you are a local employer seeing to hire knowledgeable forklift Operators or you are looking for a great new career as a Forklift Operator, please use this link to sign up for our next training and recruitment opportunity! Register Here

We can't wait to see you at the next one!!!

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