One Day... 20 Candidates... Countless Lives Changed!

Lifting Up Our Community

As a veteran in the materials handling industry for over 82 years, Medley Equipment Company has maintained a passion for developing strong relationships with our customers, as well as serving our community.

This year, we are pleased to share the great news, that Medley Equipment Company is partnering with the Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City, and the Julius Jones Institute, offering complimentary Forklift Operator School, for residents of Oklahoma County.

Our hope for this regularly recurring hiring and training event is to connect justice impacted friendly employers looking to hire forklift operators specifically, with knowledgeable candidates, all under one roof.

Forklift Operator School

Forklift Operator School with Medley Equipment Company and The Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City offers employers an excellent opportunity to fill their current and future staffing requirements using modern recruiting methods; while professionals demonstrate their knowledge and experience with equipment used in your facilities every day.

For the remainder of 2023, Medley is committed to offering complimentary OSHA Standard, Forklift Operator School to The Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City’s clients transitioning into the workforce after rehabilitation. This half day of training is held inside Medley’s newly opened Customer Experience and Employee Training Facility; providing classroom instruction, hands-on demonstration, and lunch for up to 20 serious applicants, from 8:00AM-5:00PM one Saturday per quarter. Medley will be extending the exclusive invitation to local, Oklahoma owned companies for face-to-face scouting.

Medley Cares

Through our Medley Cares program, we are proud to partner with various nonprofit organizations and causes that align with our values and mission. These partnerships have allowed us to make a positive impact in the lives of countless individuals and families through the years; from supporting meals for children across our great state, to framing houses for low-income families, to now providing complimentary forklift operator school for those transitioning back into the work force after incarceration.

Medley is committed to making a difference locally and will be extending the invite to several local, Oklahoma owned employers in this regularly recurring hiring event to be held in Medley’s newly opened Customer Experience and Training Center, Saturday, July 8, 2023. This exclusive, innovative recruiting movement allows us to connect knowledgeable candidates with justice impact friendly recruiters looking to hire forklift operators specifically.

Together, we can make a difference! By partnering with Medley Cares, you’ll be supporting causes that are close to our hearts, making a tangible difference in the lives of those needing a “hand-up”; and positively contributing to the human resource development of greater Oklahoma City.

The Urban League

About The Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City: Since 1946, the Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City has worked to bring social and economic equality to impoverished citizens in our community. Cenoria D. Johnson served as the first Executive Director of the Urban League.

In the beginning years, the Urban League helped in the development of the first African American fire fighters, the entrance of African American women in local hospital-based nursing training, and the appointment of African Americans to local and state board and commissions.

As an affiliate of the National Urban League, one of the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organizations, The Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City welcomes any opportunity to work with others to bring social and economic equality to central Oklahoma.

The Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City’s Workforce and Career Development (WFCD) program specializes in assessing and addressing barriers of individuals to increase their employability opportunities. Serving unemployed and underemployed individuals seeking a career change and those previously or currently justice-involved. This program helps strengthen the economic well-being of Oklahoma County’s African American families and other minority families living in poverty by increasing sustainable employment opportunities that will lead to self-sufficiency and less dependence on government subsidies; and provides access to industry-recognized certification, work readiness training, and connections with employers, emphasizing high-demand occupations. WFCD provides services through two specialized initiatives, the After Prison Work Initiative (APWI) and the Young Adult Reentry Program (UYRP).

Contact Medley Company to Request Information About Complimentary Forklift Operator Training Today.

If you're ready to grow your skills as a forklift operator, Medley Company can help. We offer complimentary forklift operator training for qualified individuals through our Medley Cares and The Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City Forklift Operator School program serving justice impacted Oklahoma County residents.

We will take care of your transportation, lunch, classroom instruction and hands-on demonstration; providing you with the knowledge you will need to set yourself apart from your competition.

Are you looking for qualified forklift operators?

Medley Company can help. Our partnership with The Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City allows us to offer complimentary forklift operator training to their justice impacted clients transitioning into the workforce on a regular basis; creating endless opportunities to connect local, Oklahoma owned businesses with knowledgeable candidates.