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Backpack Program
5,504 Pounds of Food | 4,586 Meals
1,512 Backpacks
“Together, we provide enough food to feed 126,000 of our Oklahoma neighbors each week.” Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Each month, 4-5 employees at Medley Equipment Company volunteers at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma to make a positive impact and help build a stronger community.

“The experience I had volunteering at the food bank was so eye-opening. It’s crazy when you are there and doing what we did that you realize how many kids go without food/nutrition. It was so humbling and made my heart so happy. Lori and I worked at a table with a couple of little girls that were there giving their time as well. They were so fun and so into it. To know that children are helping children and having the first-hand experience in seeing these girls work diligently right beside us just I realize there is hope in making this world a much better place. I for one will be extending my personal time to volunteer when I can. Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have….”  – C. Shadrick
“I really enjoyed going, it was a great experience and would like to go again.”  – K. Lane

Together we can make a difference.
The Medley Cares program promotes team building throughout the company, and community awareness, and creates a sense of value and purpose. If you’re a Medley Equipment Company employee and would like to participate, or a Charitable Organization that needs helping hands, please contact Jennifer Owens at (405) 946-3453 Ext. 1261 for more information.
To learn more: http://www.regionalfoodbank.org/

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