We are back from ProMat 2023 and wow, what a trip packed full of vendors, announcements, robots and more!

Show Floor

The ProMat trade show kicked off a great week with a major announcement from our Yale brand, unveiling their new identity and brand positioning. Introducing Yale Lift Truck Technologies, focusing on technology-enabled lift trucks and customer-driven design, delivering solutions for the labor, safety and productivity challenges in today’s fast-paced warehouse markets. Read more here.

PROMAT- one of the largest Materials Handling Trade Shows in North America, showcasing many of our #warehousesolutions vendors. Here’s a quick look at the show floor at Chicago’s McCormick Center and some of the warehouse solutions we offer.

What a fantastic time at ProMat 2023 and had the opportunity to check out the impressive Yale Lift Truck Technology booths. It’s always exciting to see the latest advancements in material handling solutions, and Yale did not disappoint. The fact that they were showcasing VR and OAS technologies is a testament to their commitment to innovation and staying ahead of the curve.

Check out the impressive Yale Lift Truck Technology OAS booth. It’s always exciting to see the latest advancements in material handling solutions, and Yale did not disappoint.


Boston Dynamics Robot Dog NOT just in the movies!

Dancing Combis

This choreographed dance between two narrow aisle forklifts showcases the precision and control our equipment can offer your business. #DancingCombi

Congratulations Convoy

HUGE congratulations to CombiLift and Convoy of Hope! CombiLift – who revolutionizes the way companies maximize capacity, presented their 75,000 manufactured lift truck to Convoy of Hope at this years’ gala celebrating 25 years of Lifting Innovation; for their incredible work Bringing Hope To So Many Globally.

CombiLift Celebrating 25 years of Lifting Innovations dinner reception entertainment.

Chris Turner was our entertainment for the evening. A white, british comedian who can rap anything you throw at him! it was so much fun getting to sit next to him at dinner and hear about his journey.

Such an honor getting acquainted with these exemplary teams. Read more here.

CombiLift– presenting Convoy of Hope with their 75,000 lift truck, #bringinghope to so many globally!
CombiLift donate their 75,000th truck – an Aisle Master articulated forklift – to Convoy of Hope , a non-profit organization that brings hope and relief to those in need.

Read more on Chicago here.

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