March 11th ended with a bang in our Medley – Amarillo facility. An accidental leak of highly flammable liquid, caused a fire at Medley’s Amarillo facility at 1501 NE 3rd Ave. The building was soon overtaken with flames and several explosions occurred when they reached the numerous LP thanks, stored there. All was soon contained and put out thanks to the heroic Amarillo Fire Department but not before the building was a total loss.

Thankful for no injuries, the Medley – Amarillo, office staff, sales, parts and service departments have hardly skipped a beat. With the ability to temporarily relocate directly across the street at 1420 NE 3rd Ave, business has continued as usual. Much of the material handling equipment was located in the yard behind the building or off sight, so there remains a large selection of forklifts and other equipment to choose from, for customers and shoppers.




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