Customer Experience and Employee Training Center

“We’re On a Mission” to make sure you and your employees are properly, trained, certified and equipped!

Spring 2022, Medley Equipment Company will unveil our new, onsite, full-scale, full-service, demonstration, training and resource facility!

Fully interactive, Taylor made to fit your specific needs; replicate your exact workstation with fully adjustable racks, dock levelers, forklifts and more.

Demo our equipment. Train and certify your associates on all industry standards and certifications.

Come experience Medley!

What you will see


Explore the variety of safety options and warehouse solutions we provide.  Improve labor, utilization, productivity and retention.


Check out our wide variety of storage solutions.  Maximize your space, improve efficiency and increase productivity.


Replicate your exact workstation with fully adjustable racks, dock levelers, forklifts and more.


Come check out the variety of Warehouse Solutions we offer From Dock and Door To Rack and Back!

Materials and Equipment Onsite

  • Southworth Lift Tables: 1 Spring & 1 Hydraulic
  • Poweramp EOD Edge of Dock Leveler
  • 18’ diameter Hunter HVLS Fan
  • Static Up Against Wall Rack (Mecalux/Interlake)
  • Movable Rack (Mecalux/Interlake)
  • J-Tech/Taylor-Dunn Quad Steer Trailers
  • Columbia Payloader Vehicle
  • West Point Cantilever Rack (Reva)
  • Flowrite Watering Cart
  • Acid Spill Kit Barrel
  • Bluff Building Column Protectors
  • Bluff Guard Rail
  • Bluff Post Protectors
  • Columbia Chariot Vehicle
  • Handle-It Post Protectors
  • Handle-It Guard Railing
  • Wire decking
  • Morse Drum Tipper Manufacturing Drum Cart
  • Nutting Quad Steer Trailer
  • Fork Extensions
  • Powerboss Collector 34 Walk Behind Sweeper

Industry Training and Certifications

  • Forklift Operator Training: ALL Classes of Forklifts
  • Aerial Equipment Training: Scissors, Booms, & Telehandlers
  • Floor Cleaning Equipment Operator Training: Sweepers & Scrubbers
  • Specialty Equipment Operator Training: IE VNA, Turret Mast, Combi-Lift Side Loader Multi-Directional Forklifts, Aisle-Master Swing Mast Forklifts
  • Industrial Battery Watering Procedure Training
  • Train The Trainer
  • OSHA Compliance

Free Surveys & Analysis

  • Fleet Replacement Analysis
  • Fleet Repair History Analysis
  • Excessive Downtime Study
  • Lease vs Ownership Analysis
  • Rental vs Lease Analysis
  • Annual Required Aerial Equipment Inspection

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