UT15-20PTE | Forklift Trucks, Utility Forklift Trucks


Forklift Trucks

48 Volt Electric System

2 Stage LFL Mast 85”/129”/5” with 6° Forward, 6° Back Tilt

39.4” (1000mm) Class II Hook type Carriage

3.9” x 1.6” x 42” (100x40x1070) Class 2 Forks

Overhead Guard

Load Backrest

AC Motors

Wet Disc Brakes

LCD Display

Power steering

3 function manual hydraulic levers

Steer Column Mounted Direction Control

Manual park brake

Power Disconnect – Dash Mounted Button

Pneumatic Shaped Solid (PSS) Tires

Non Suspension Vinyl Seat

Retractable Seatbelt

Adjustable Tilt Steer Column

Steering wheel with Spinner Knob

Rear View Mirror

Key Switch Start

DC to DC Converter (48 to 24 volt)

Lights (24 volt): – 2 Front Work Lights – 2 Front Turn Signals – 2 Rear Combination Lights Brake, Tail, Turn Signal & Reverse

12 Month / 2000 Hour Manufacturer’s Warranty

Operator manual

Options Include: 3 Stage FFL Mast 86”/188”/63”, with 3.5° Forward, 5° Back Tilt, 39.4” (1000mm) Class II ISS Carriage, 3.9” x 1.6” x 48” (100x40x1220) Class 2 Forks, 1 Auxiliary Hose Group Internal Mounted, Non Marking PSS Tires, Full Suspension Vinyl Seat, Rear Work Light, Audible Alarm – Reverse Operation, Visible Alarm – Key Switch Operation

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