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With today’s supply chains under such tremendous cost-cutting and margin-preservation pressures, businesses require proven, dependable technology to power their lift truck fleet without breaking the bank. Lead-acid batteries are a viable electrification alternative when stricter laws for greenhouse gas emissions, business sustainability programs, and indoor air quality requirements are factored in.

  • While in operation, there are no emissions: Reduce emissions significantly, fulfill air quality regulations, and contribute to the achievement of sustainability goals.
  • Reduced up-front costs: Benefit from the advantages of a mature technology at a lower cost than other motive power sources.
  • Reduced skilled mechanical maintenance requirements: Compared to internal combustion engines, electric lift trucks have fewer moving mechanical parts and fluids, lessening the burden on a limited skilled technical labor pool.
  • Mild burden on the electrical grid: To lessen burden on electrical grids, charge lead-acid batteries on staggered schedules, at non-peak periods, or using a high-frequency charger, excellent for higher-priced areas or older infrastructure.

From mobile pallet trucks to sit-down counterbalanced models intended for 12,000-pound loads, Yale® offers a wide selection of lead acid battery-powered lift trucks with proven, dependable performance.

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