New vs. Used Forklifts

What are the major differences?

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New forklifts can work longer hours because they are designed to handle heavy use. They are equipped to work efficiently and the offer reliability. They are beneficial if you are needing specialized accessories or you need an unusual mast height. New forklifts also come with a 12-36 month warranty.


The price of a new forklift is higher than a used one, but you will definitely get what you pay for when you take all the factors into consideration.

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Two words: saving money! It makes economic sense to purchase a used forklift. It can cost 50% less than a new one. When you purchase a used forklift from a trustworthy dealer, it can be an efficient piece of equipment for your operation.


Depending on the shape the forklift is in, it should only be used for less than four hours a day. It could wear and tear more easily. Take into consideration how long it has been used.

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