V30-35ZMU Hyster

  • Decreased downtime
  • Low cost of operation
  • Built for comfort
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Unrivaled versatility
  • Models: V30-35ZMU
  • Capacity: 3000-3500lbs
  • Load Weight: 3500lbs
  • Max Lift Height: 579.5
  • Environment: Indoor
  • Power: Electric
  • Primary Task: Lifting and Stacking
  • Chemicals & Plastics

The Hyster Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) lift trucks help optimize storage capacity and efficiently retrieve pallets in high intensity operations.


The Hyster Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) lift trucks help optimize storage capacity and efficiently retrieve pallets in high intensity operations.

Equipment Type
Very Narrow Aisle Trucks

The V30-35ZMU series is designed for reduced service needs, so you can keep things moving. When regular maintenance is necessary, it can be done quickly.

  • Key components are accessed via a one-piece steel motor compartment cover that opens 180º.
  • CANBUS communication system allows single point diagnostic access of all truck components.
  • Fixed position of the traction motor prevents twisting and stretching of cable connections.
  • Bolt-on mast bearings allow easy inspection and replacement.
  • Attachment bearings are easily accessed and adjustable.
  • Tilt-out hydraulic control valve allows easy access to components.

Get an edge on the competition with the V30-35ZMU series of very narrow aisle turret trucks that cost less to operate and help increase your productivity.

  • AC traction, hoist and steering motors have no brushes to check or replace.
  • Extended service intervals on major components
  • Several key truck functions can be operated simultaneously without a decrease in power for enhanced efficiency and productivity.
  • Superior energy efficiency
  • MOSFET AC Controllers
  • Patent-pending hydraulic pressure compensation system
  • Continuous vehicle system monitoring
  • Thermal management
  • CANBUS communication system reduces wiring and electrical connections.

The advanced ergonomic design of the V30-35ZMU series allows the operator to maintain maximum comfort and productivity throughout an entire shift.

  • Armrests and joysticks are fully adjustable for standing or sitting operators.
  • Standard dome light, work lights and cabin fan optimize operator comfort and productivity.
  • With three-way adjustment of the forward-mounted console, operators can easily reach controls.
  • Superior forward and rear visibility is provided by an open main mast design and a large rear window.
  • Low step height eases entry and exit.
  • Operator foot sensors, located under the floorboard, are larger for easy activation.
  • Seat can swivel between 0º to 20º.
  • Optional forward-mounted console is completely adjustable.

The V30-35ZMU series gives you the power to get more done.

  • Exclusive HySense Advance feature monitors lift height and load weight to provide maximum truck performance
  • Rigid tri-form or quad-form mast design
  • Multi-tasking design allows simultaneous operation of all truck functions.
  • Automatic synchronized traverse and rotation of attachment
  • Automatic forks forward/centering function
  • Automatic regenerative braking
  • Automatic regenerative cab lowering
  • Optional pre-height selector automatically reduces lift speed when the turret head approaches a pre-defined height.

The Hyster V30-35ZMU trucks deliver unrivaled versatility. A host of options allow you to choose the truck your application requires:

  • Five chassis choices
  • Three operator compartment configurations
  • Standard open cab design for easy order picking access
  • 48 or 72 volt

Operators can program truck performance for their preferred working style to boost productivity. Adjustable parameters include:

  • Acceleration  
  • Travel speed
  • Lift /lower speeds
  • Regenerative braking force
  • Lift limits
  • Operator password access
  • Optional load wheel brakes
  • Optional freezer conditioning
  • Optional freezer cab with heater
  • Optional fork tilt and positioning
  • Optional shuttle table