Hauler® PRO

  • 72V AC Electric
  • 1,200 lb Load Capacity
  • 2 Passenger

When shopping for a  new utility vehicle, consider the Cushman Hauler® PRO, which requires zero maintenance. It uses ELiTE lithium power to navigate your site powerfully and comfortably. The vehicle’s reduced weight boosts its efficiency and performance, and a wide range of accessories and add-ons help you keep your course pristine:

  • A bed divider lets you configure your workspace and optimize organization when hauling equipment and materials.
  • Raise and lower your cargo with ease when equipped with the Hauler PRO’s electric bed to make manually lifting and lowering your cargo a thing of the past.
  • An automatic parking brake is now standard on ELiTE vehicles to provide superior efficiency, only available for electric powertrains.
  • Using lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum means your cargo bed is sturdy and dependable.

Vehicles for every use are ready to work! From big beds and payloads to features that help you get more done, utility vehicles are made to prepare your course for play.

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