• Telescoping jib provides work envelope flexibility and even more outreach at elevation
  • Ease of transport – no oversized load permit needed (over weight permit is required for highway transportation)
  • Strong 100,000-psi steel and a dual 1,000 / 500 lb capacity
  • Ideal for general contractors, glaziers, window cleaners, welders and more

0SJ JLG telescopic boom lift. The equipment works in multiple applications, making it excellent for job sites where reaching high areas is necessary. The telescopic boom can reach 150 feet vertically and 80 feet horizontally. Trust the JLG telescopic boom as your upgraded aerial lift. Its flexibility makes it an ideal choice when workers need a reliable, safe platform to lift them high. The platform attachment extends from multiple angles, ensuring you can reach the job site without issue. 

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Equipment Type
Aerial Lifts / Telescopic Booms