• Low maintenance, energy efficient and environmentally clean
  • Longer running time than any lift in its class keeps you on the job longer, increasing your productivity
  • Lightweight design for transport in freight elevators

Reach high-level areas indoors with the 1230ES JLG aerial lift. It’s a vertical mast lift that can take operators up to 12 feet within 12 seconds. The lift runs long before needing to be recharged, so your team can stay productive for an extended time. The JLG aerial lift is also lightweight, making it easy to transport to various locations. 

Ensure workers can access a sturdy and safe vertical mast lift when needed by adding the 1230ES JLG to your equipment fleet. This lift will make it easier for workers to access hard-to-reach places. Get in touch with Medley Company to order yours today.

Equipment Type
Aerial Lifts / Aerial Platforms