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Equipment Categories

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Columbia 3 Wheel Utility Vehicles

Columbia Chariot Burden Carrier

White Columbia Expediter Utility Vehicles

Columbia Expediter Burden Carrier

Columbia MVP Burden Carrier

Columbia Payloader Burden Carrier for Sale

Columbia Payloader Burden Carrier

Columbia Shuttle Burden Carrier Used for On an Air Strip

Columbia Shuttle Burden Carrier

Columbia 3 Wheel Utility Vehicle

Columbia Stockchaser Burden Carrier

Columbia Summit Utilitruck Burden Carrier

Columbia Utilitruck Burden Carrier

Columbia has been producing electric vehicles in America for over 70 years that improve productivity, comfort, and utility in a range of situations and tasks. – Designed for optimal efficiency, lifespan, and convenience of use in every situation, allowing you to reach peak operating performance in transporting, carrying, and towing––all while emitting zero emissions.