Medley Equipment Rentals, is your rental source for TELEHANDLERS in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Amarillo, El Paso, Lubbock, Midland-Odessa, Texas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Columbia, Joplin, Springfield, Missouri, Little Rock, Fort Smith and Springdale, Arkansas. Choose from Compact or High Reach Telehandlers and decide which attachment is right for your job. Most construction, masonry, landscape and farming applications can be met by using a Compact Telehandler. This is due its Compact footprint and low stowed height, making it easy to transport and maneuver materials. For heavy-duty workhorse lifting applications in construction, landscaping and agriculture, count on a high reach telehandler due to its excellent heavy lift capacity with coverage for all your worksite needs.

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6000 lb, 2WD, Straight Mast, Diesel Case / 586G, Harlo/ HP6500
8000 lb, 2WD, Straight Mast, Diesel Case / 588G, Harlo / HP8500
5000 lb, 4WD, Straight Mast, Diesel Case / 585G
6000 lb, 4WD, Straight Mast, Diesel Case / 585G, JCB / 930
8000 lb, 4WD, Straight Mast, Diesel Harlo / HP8500,JCB / 940
5000 lb, 4WD, Hi-Reach, Diesel Genie / GTH-5519, JLG / G519A
6000 lb, 4WD, Hi-Reach, Diesel, Extreach Lull / 644E-42, Sky Trak / 6042
8000 lb, 4WD, Hi-Reach, Diesel Sky Trak / 8042
9000 lb, 4WD, Hi-Reach, Diesel I-R / VR-90B, JLG / G9-43A
10000 lb, 4WD, Hi-Reach, Diesel, Extreach Gradall / 544D, JLG / G10-55A
10000 lb, 4WD, Hi-Reach, Diesel
6000 lb, 4WD, Hi-Reach, Diesel Genie / GTH-636C, I-R / VR638
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