Distribution Center Robotics


Distribution Center Robotics improve your efficiency, optimize workflow, and increase your bottom line.

Balyo innovation turns standard Hyster-Yale trucks into robots. Our unique approach combines Balyo’s proprietary robotic software with Hyster Yale’s expertise in material handling, transforming warehouse automation to optimize your workflow.

When equipped with Driven by Balyo technology, Yale® lift trucks are transformed into robotic solutions, allowing you to automate repetitive tasks by picking up, transporting and dropping off pallets independently and reliably.Automate with Yale® Lift Trucks Driven by Balyo 

Distribution Center Robotics Oklahoma,Tulsa,El Paso

Distribution Center Robotics

Distribution Center Robotics

Our Robots

Combine industry-leading robotics software with standard trucks for known operation and reliability.  Operates in automatic or manual mode.

Rapid ROI

Lowers cost and increase your bottom line.  12-18 months for 2 or 3-shift operations.


Infrastructure-free navigation eliminates costly tape, reflectors, and navigation aides.  Our Robot Manager operating system integrates into your warehouse and gives you control of your logistics flow.


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