Yale Driven by Balyo

Yale® Lift Trucks Driven by Balyo Technology

Transform into an efficiency machine with robotic lift trucks

What if you could automate repetitive picking tasks and free up workers to take on more valuable roles? With Yale® lift trucks Driven by Balyo, you can.

When equipped with Driven by Balyo technology, Yale lift trucks are transformed into robotic solutions, allowing you to automate repetitive, low value-added tasks by picking up, transporting and dropping off pallets independently and reliably, enhancing labor productivity, optimizing workflow and increasing your bottom line.

Why they make sense for your operation?

Whether you want to manage a single Yale lift truck or an entire fleet, the Balyo architecture has the flexibility to meet your operational demands, as well as the ability to interface with a range of operating systems, providing greater visibility to load movement for increased accuracy and efficiency.

Infrastructure-free navigation
Integrates into existing operations by mapping structural features to self-locate and navigate; does not require tape, wires or magnets for guidance

Rapid deployment
Runs with zero, partial or full integration with facility warehouse management systems (WMS)

Can switch to manual mode with the touch of a button, helping accommodate changing operational needs

Has the ability to take on small tasks and expand as operational requirements grow

Allows people to focus on value-added tasks, and robotic lift trucks on repetitive, low value-added tasks

Choose your robotic lift truck

End Rider

MPE080-VG Driven by Balyo

  • Transport single or double pallets
  • Handle loads to marshalling/staging areas
  • Easily transfer over long distances
  • Bar code scanner confirms appropriate pallet

Tow Tractor

MO70T Driven by Balyo

  • Standard trailer handling configurations
  • Sequencing in assembly operations
  • Kitting separate items to be supplied as one unit
  • Stock replenishment and material hauling

Counterbalanced Stacker

MC10-15 Driven by Balyo
  • Deposit or remove pallets from 2nd or 3rd level
  • Handle smaller width pallets
  • Stack or unstack loads
  • Deposit or remove pallet from shrink wrap station
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