Why Planned Maintenance

Why Planned Maintenance?

Forklift planned maintenance program for Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Missouri, and Arkansas.

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Our customers at Medley Equipment count on us to provide and properly explain what forklift planned maintenance (PM service) is and the benefit of investing in a planned maintenance program. Medley Equipment Company has knowledgeable technicians and a service team that is ready to provide the best planned maintenance service for your fleet.

Forklift Planned Maintenance Program Benefits

  • Planned maintenance has been proven to reduce the overall cost of forklift upkeep.
  • Forklift planned maintenance program relationships provide better awareness and increase the ability to understand the specific needs of the customers’ operation and processes. We can help more because we know more!
  • Planned maintenance ensures that all replacement parts, lubricants, and fluids meet OEM specifications to increase the life of the lift.
  • Equipment planned maintenance on older units increases the awareness of needs and wear. This increases the reliability of the unit and increases uptime.
  • Planned maintenance makes your forklift safer and this reduces the possibility for employee injury and facility damage.
  • Your fleet will be more efficient, increases uptime, and increase the life of your lift.
  • Planned maintenance prevents the need for abrupt service calls.
  • Expect better productivity and less supply chain disruption.
  • The planned maintenance program for leased equipment protects the value of the equipment and improves uptime.
  • With the right tools, equipment and technical knowledge of our technicians allows the job to be completed correctly with limited downtime.

Medley Equipment Company Forklift Planned Maintenance

We are ready to provide the best-in-class service for your equipment. Our planned maintenance program will keep your operation moving and increase uptime.

Ready to schedule planned maintenance? Visit our website, call your local Medley branch, text us at +1 (855) 962-1755, chat with us or fill out a form online.

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