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Here are some examples of our latest work. For over 60 years, Taylor-Dunn has been the best solution for high quality industrial and commercial vehicles to match your specific application. There are over 60 standard vehicle models, or ask us to design and build a custom vehicle to help you move people, carry material, and tow loads. Whether you choose a standard model or a custom vehicle, we have the right vehicle to get the job done. We look forward to helping you with your next Taylor Dunn vehicle.

18a7fc38-ab94-4b29-af8c-328c620ad218-300x131C-432 customized with 20 inch wheelbase extension, dual front fork and 12 inch rear overlay to accommodate a 72 inch deck. Additional features include recessed tie downs, head/tail/strobe light, reverse warning beeper and 1-7/8 inch ball hitch.e74ebf2b-c1f1-42f3-8664-b7e299472b64-300x150Bigfoot with 20 inch extended wheelbase, frame and aluminum drop down sides to accommodate a 96 inch long diamond plate deck.842adfa0-b345-4a11-9ace-f6e2a9197a9e-300x225Bigfoot customized with econo cab, extended steel roof, ladder rack, steel panel box, stake sides, 2nd fold away seat and side view mirrors.2f317350-3f93-4d22-956a-24257bdf274d-300x225Bigfoot customized with econo cab, vinyl doors, metal drop down sides, monomatic tires, strobe light and motion alarm.14d8b0b7-6d6e-4789-bdb2-93ecf83c47b1-300x191This highly customized Bigfoot includes frame modification for special SCBA seat for driver and passenger with removable seat back, modified rear platform with two installed Amerex units (33 gallon foam extinguisher and 125# ABC extinguisher with hoses), battery roll-out box on driver and passenger sides, light bar with Red and Blue lights, and 32x12x18 inch locking storage box.7f62b690-9428-4159-96ad-d71f6c4d8abe-300x225This FT-280 has been customized with a stretched fiberglass top, plexiglass windshield, front and rear bumpers, and Grey vinyl seats.9cf6a366-3a60-4133-9cb1-e593b8750e4d-300x208Bigfoot customized with an econo cab, vinyl doors, and wooden stake sides751d059f-559f-49ea-b5e5-256f4673ee42-300x184This Stepsaver was customized with a rear facing fixed seat and step with added space in between seats to secure and transport a briefcase.127003d4-f1b9-4ccf-b624-5e7feb1059cc-300x148This custom Bigfoot features a second fold-away seat and painted Blue and Green

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