Get the Most Out of Your Forklift Battery

Get the Most out of Your Forklift Battery What you should and shouldn’t do. Get the most out of your forklift battery When you are charging a forklift battery, there are a few things you should and shouldn’t do. This will ensure the battery life is as long as it is supposed to be and…

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8 Signs You Need a New Forklift Battery

Old or prematurely aged lead-acid batteries may negatively affect your KPIs and profitability. Thankfully, there are a few warning signs to look out for so you can replace your forklift battery before it impacts your operations.  Common Warning Signs for a Forklift Battery Replacement Some signs that you may need a forklift battery replacement include: 1. Slower Lift…

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Lithium-Ion Forklift Batteries Are Just Plain SMART

Lithium-ion is just plain SMART Is alternative the new normal? Lithium-ion, once heralded as a new, “alternative” battery option, now powers everything from your watch, to your smartphone to your new Tesla. And the performance benefits that make lithium-ion the norm in your day-to-day life are especially true for lift trucks. With convenient, cost-effective performance,…

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