Should You Purchase a New or Used Forklift?

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You have weighed all your options and know that purchasing a forklift is a must for your company. Adding a forklift to your fleet will help increase productivity. But there is one question to ask yourself, should you purchase a new unit or a used unit? Which option will be the best option for your company?

Doing research is important and there are a variety of ways to compare new and used units. Of course, cost-effectiveness and efficiency are factors to consider. Cost may be a big motivator in deciding between a new or used forklift, a used forklift can cost significantly less upfront compare to a new unit. But is there a high hidden cost in the future with a used unit?

Below is some helpful information regarding new or used forklifts:

New Forklifts:


New models will be more reliable but more expensive. They are equipped to handle long hours at a more productive pace. New forklifts may also come with a warranty typically between 12-36 months depending on what your provider offers.


The factor that pushing people away from purchasing a new forklift is the high price. But with financing options and the ability to operate efficiently, it could be the best option for your company.

Used Forklift:


Of course, the cost savings is the major reason to purchase a used forklift. Used trucks can still be in great shape and are ready to take on the job. Parts are readily available for a majority of used units.


A used forklift will have visible wear and tear that a new one will not have. Make sure to get information on past maintenance and you should consider how long it has been used. Consider how long you’ll need to use your forklift every day to see if a used unit will be best for your company.

Should you Purchase a New or Used Forklift?

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