Hyster Ergonomics

Hyster Ergonomics

Hyster trucks set the standard for tough. However, for over 80 years we have set new standards for ergonomic design and driver comfort. In 1934, Hyster pioneered the use of pneumatic tires on lift trucks, which reduced vibrations and improved efficiency in rough terrain. In the 1950s, Hyster employed the father of “human engineering” to improve seat positioning, operator control placement, and other elements.
Today, our ergonomic experts help us engineer features that offer operators easier ingress and egress, improved foot space, better body position, and enhanced visibility. The result is outstanding operator comfort and productivity, even in intense operations and the toughest environments.

Keep the noise down

The risks of working in a noisy environment aren’t just to your hearing. Constant noise can drain your energy and become a distraction. To help minimize noise, Hyster engineers have introduced new technologies such as cooling on demand to create some of the quietest trucks on the market.

Reduce those negative vibes

Stability is essential in the handling of heavy loads, so a soft car-like suspension won’t fly for minimizing fatigue-inducing vibrations. Instead, Hyster engineers have found new ways, like isolated drivetrains and suspension seating, to minimize vibrations and maximize operator comfort.

Grab a seat and get to work

A comfortable operator is an alert operator, and an alert operator is a productive one. That’s why Hyster engineers spend countless hours finding ways to improve the seats on our lift trucks, from positioning to cushioning to adjustability. Because the key to operator productivity is under them.

Keep their eyes on the load

At Hyster, good visibility is one of the most fundamental requirements on any lift truck. Our engineers have designed several innovations like our “figure 8” mast tubing to enhance visibility so operators don’t have to strain to keep an eye on the load, allowing them to work confidently and safely.

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