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Our team at Medley Equipment will set you up with the right forklift rentals for your application. Offering forklift rentals including Electric Forklift, LP Gas Forklift, Diesel Forklifts, and Specialty Equipment. Medley Equipment rents for the day, week, month or season with flexible rental terms and have rent-to-own options. Rent a Forklift in Joplin, MO – best rental forklift inventory, flexible and cost-effective, technicians available 24/7 and huge parts selection.

Learn what we can do for your Forklift Rentals Joplin Missouri today.

Get the rental you need and an excellent customer service! We’ll meet your forklift rental needs. We have a large variety of different forklift rentals to choose from that can complete any job.

Reach Trucks

With the makes, models and series, our reach trucks have been able to provide more flexibility and are available in both single and double reach models. These trucks are perfect for jobs within easy reach.

Order Selectors

The order selectors specialize in operating fast and accurate, while also ensuring that order picking no matter the order selector. These machines are also known to be silent with an abundance of different features.

Very Narrow Aisle Trucks

The very narrow aisle truck is ideal for high-density warehouses. These machines are great to allow you to incorporate more racking into your warehouse.

Pallet Trucks

Pallet trucks specialize in horizontal transportation. These trucks are very helpful for unloading or moving loads and help aid in the productivity of the job site.

Pallet Stackers

Pallet stackers are perfect for high performance in small areas. All stacker forklifts have to designed to optimize loads in the space required.

3 Wheel Electric

The 3 wheel electric is versatile, highly maneuverable electric forklift trucks, and includes productivity-enhancing features.

4 Wheel Electric

The 4 wheel electric are available in a range of different voltage options in both conventional and drop battery box designs. This machine is ideal for a wide variety of demanding applications.

Tow Trucks

The tow trucks are ideally used for horizontal transport over short and long distances. Tow trucks are also perfect for dealing with jobs that require an intensive manufacturing process.

Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire

Internal combustion pneumatic tire forklift trucks have high productivity and an impressive ergonomics. This unit is designed for economic fuel consumption and maximum productivity.

Internal Combustion Cushion Tire

The internal combustion cushion tires are designed for high productivity, operator ergonomics, and dependability. This unit is also known to have an abundance of different features specialized to deal with loads that require a high lift in a confined area.

High Capacity Trucks

The high capacity trucks are the ideal candidate when doing jobs that are in rough working conditions. This unit has a lifting capacity that ranges from 20,000 to 36,000 lbs. Which makes this machine great for all heavy-duty jobs.

A Better Way to Rent Forklifts in Barry, Lawrence, Dade, Cedar, Jasper, McDonald, Newton, Barton, Webb City, Carthage, Neosho, Republic and the surrounding area in Joplin, Missouri.

We also can provide you with Equipment Rental in Joplin Missouri for Aerial Lifts (Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Telehandler), Skid Steers, Truck Mounted Forklifts and many more!

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