Forklift Experts Fort Smith, AR – Dale and Marissa

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Forklift Experts Fort Smith AR

Dale Blasingame has been with Gammon/Medley for 6 years and has over 50 years of forklift experience. His leadership and technical expertise has been unheralded and we rely on him daily.

Marissa Brown has been with Gammon/Medley for close to 2 years and she has over 4 years experience in the forklift Industry. Not only does she do all the admin duties but also Parts and Service.

Between these 2 they are the reason for the continued success of the Fort Smith branch. Not only do I depend on them but everyone including Techs, PRS and Sales. Without them we could not be the leanest branch in the company. They both have a great attitude and everyone that knows them will say the same.

Oklahoma City

4201 Will Rogers Pkwy
Oklahoma City, OK 73108
(405) 946-3453