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Electric or Propane Lift Trucks

Which is the best option for your company?

Your company is looking for a new forklift or wanting to purchase several trucks for a new facility. An important decision to make is whether you need a propane-powered lift (LPG) or an electric lift. Cost may be a factor in which one you decide, but it shouldn’t be the only one. When you are weighing the pros and cons of which lift you need, consider asking yourself the following questions about electric or propane lift trucks.

What is your workspace like?

Electric lifts are the best choice If you’re working in an indoor space. Having a propane-powered lift in an indoor space with poor ventilation could lead to issues in the future. Consider the health and safety of your employees along with the fumes of a propane lift.

Are your employees properly certified?

Having skilled and knowledgeable forklift operators is necessary for the safety and productivity of your operation. If your operators are trained on one power source and not the other, take the time and cost of properly training them into consideration. Improper use or poor maintenance of electric or propane lift trucks can cause some serious issues.

What are your budget concerns?

Electric lift trucks are typically more expensive upfront than LPG lifts. You should also consider the cost of fuel between the two trucks. Comparing the pros and cons will help you decide what price is better for you.

Electric or Propane Lift Trucks?

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