BOOM LIFT RENTALS with Medley Equipment Company is easy! We are your rental source for Boom Lifts in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Amarillo, El Paso, Lubbock, Midland-Odessa, Texas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Columbia, Joplin, Springfield, Missouri, Little Rock, Fort Smith and Springdale, Arkansas. This is the best equipment for outdoor performance with its precise and reach up positioning lift power. Articulating and Telescopic Booms are two types of Boom Lifts. Articulating or Knuckle Booms have multiple sections that articulate and work well in areas with hard to reach places, up to 125 ft. Telescopic or Stick Booms offer greater horizontal outreach allowing you to work in areas with limited access points, from 40 ft to 185 ft with platform capacities up to 1,000 lb.


40 ft, 2WD, Diesel JLG / 400S
80 ft, 2WD, Diesel JLG / 800S, JLG / 80HX
40 ft, Dual Fuel Genie / S-40, JLG / 400S
60 ft, Dual Fuel Genie / S-60
40 ft, 4WD, Diesel Genie / S-40, JLG / 400S
45 ft, 4WD, Diesel Genie / S-45, Skyjack /45T
60 ft, 4WD, Diesel JLG / 600S, Snorkel / TB60
66 ft, 4WD, Diesel Genie / S-65, JLG / 660SJ
80 ft, 4WD, Diesel JLG / 800S
85 ft, 4WD, Diesel Genie / S-85
120 ft, 4WD, Diesel Genie / S-120, JLG / 1200SJP
125 ft, 4WD, Diesel Genie / S-125
40 ft, 4WD, Dual Fuel Genie / S-40, JLG / 400S
46 ft, 4WD, Dual Fuel
60 ft, 4WD, Dual Fuel Genie / S-60, JLG / 600S
80 ft, 4WD, Dual Fuel JLG / 800
Oklahoma City

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