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Adopt Warehouse Robotics Now

Adopt Warehouse Robotics Now

Adopt Warehouse Robotics Now

But to achieve advanced automation, you need a solution that is truly adaptable to meet your exact needs, not the other way around. That’s why Yale® robotic lift trucks, Driven by Balyo are so unique, allowing you to:

Adjust routes in real-time with infrastructure-free navigation

Run with zero, partial or full integration with facility WMS

Achieve superior maneuverability with enhanced movement in tight spaces

Combat modern supply chain complexity with robotics and achieve so much more.

Welcome to Industry 4.0!

At a time when the major players in mobility are hailing the imminent arrival of driverless cars, 100% autonomous vehicles already exist, in a perhaps unexpected industry: inside factories and warehouses.Balyo has designed one of the most innovative technologies in the world, to enable material handling vehicles to self-locate and move around inside buildings, in total autonomy.Embedded in standard material handling trucks designed for manual use, Driven by Balyo technology transforms them into autonomous vehicles, able to safely navigate and interact with their environment.Manual material handling trucks thus become robotic and can perform all kinds of tasks, from pallet moving to barcode scanning.

Driven by Balyo Technology

Our technology is the result of 10 years’ research and development in mobile robotics.It enables fleets of robotic trucks to self-locate in real time and navigates inside a building with no added infrastructure, unlike automatic trucks/AGVs.

Our navigation system relies on the recognition of the internal fixtures of a building: walls, columns, and racks, to enable the trucks to self-locate in real time. This flexible system allows for quick, economical reconfiguration of your solution.

In line with the concepts of Logistics 4.0 and the Factory of the Future, our solution is fully connected to the client environment (ERP, WMS, machines, doors, conveyors, tracking), and can be easily integrated into current industrial and logistics processes. For greater simplicity, our robotic trucks can still be used manually, enabling operators to regain control to perform a task at any time.

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