5 Tips to Stay Safe While Using a Forklift Outside

Operator safety is a high priority

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Outdoor forklifts are commonly used for job operations. Some terrains are more straightforward than others, but operating on rough terrain might be a little challenging.

Follow these tips before operating an outdoor forklift:

  1. Check your forklift before you use it
    • Regardless of if you are using a forklift indoors or outdoors, it is smart to check over the lift for any issues before operating. (fleet management, telemetry)
  2. Prepare
    • Get the proper training if you’ve never operated a forklift before. (operator training)
  3. Stay focused
    • Be extra careful when you are operating a forklift outside.
  4. Clean your forklifts regularly
    • Anything that could cause your forklift to run less efficiently should be taken care of. Regularly cleaning your forklift can prevent some issues. (parts & service)
  5. Check the weather
    • The weather can change quickly. Check the weather before operating your lift outside to avoid any bad weather.

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