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UTILEV Carlsbad

Utilev designs their forklifts to be easy to operate as well as maintain. With familiar features to that of an automobile, Utilev shows that their forklifts are effortless in operation. Here at Medley, we want the process of finding your forklift to be just as effortless.

Staying local and centrally located in Carlsbad, Medley Equipment is servicing the area in Roswell, Clovis, Artesia, Hobbs, Eunice and the surrounding area near Carlsbad.  Let us help you find your Utilev Lift! Please Contact us at 575.689.8561, fill out our form, or click on the tab below to personally chat with a representative now.

UTILEV | Utility Forklift Trucks Carlsbad, Utility Lift Trucks Carlsbad, LP Forklift Carlsbad, Dual Fuel Forklifts Carlsbad


5000 AND 6000 LBS.


UTILEV | Utility Forklift Trucks Carlsbad, Utility Lift Trucks Carlsbad, LPG Forklifts Carlsbad


5000 AND 6000 LBS.


UTILEV | Utility Forklift Trucks Carlsbad, Utility Lift Trucks Carlsbad, 3-Wheel Electric Forklifts Carlsbad


3000 – 4000 LBS.


UTILEV | Utility Forklift Trucks Carlsbad, Utility Pallet Jack Carlsbad, Electric Pallet Jack Carlsbad


3000 LBS.


Utilev Equipment is easy to use, easy to maintain, and affordable to purchase. Contact us to learn more about Utilev and how it will keep your operating costs low.

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