Consistent Power Delivery | Minimal Facility Footprint | Refuels as Quickly as 3 Minutes | Zero Harmful Emissions

Hydrogen fuel cells work similarly to internal combustion engines, but with the maintenance-free benefits of electric alternatives.

There’s more inventory, but there’s less room. The work force is diminishing, yet throughput requirements are increasing. Your operation is continually running and requires more than ever to move at a faster pace and on a tighter timetable. You’ll need a power source that can keep up with your demands.

Boost productivity

  • In as little as 3 minutes, you can refuel, avoiding the need to wait for your battery to charge.
  • Ensure a steady supply of power.

Reduce your operational costs

  • Reduce fleet costs by using a single fuel cell per lift truck.
  • Costs associated with battery charging, handling, storage, and recycling are eliminated.

Reclaim indoor space

  • Locate compact fueling stations outdoors.
  • Repurpose unused space for revenue-generating activities.

Obtain green objectives

  • Produce no hazardous emissions, with the only byproducts being heat and water.
  • For ultra-clean applications, adhere to stringent emission rules or severe requirements.

Yale® lift trucks powered by Nuvera® hydrogen fuel cells combine the ease of use and long-term performance of internal combustion engines with the environmental benefits and low maintenance of electric alternatives.

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