TMT 55 XT Manitou

Length: (up to the back of the fork) 9’4″
Width: 8’5″
Height: 8’0″
Weight: (unladen) 5865 lb
Engine brand: Kubota
Power: 49 hp
Lifting capacity: 5500 lb
Type: Telescopic


Are you after an all-terrain truck mounted forklift to use to load and unload lorries? The TMT 55 XT was created by Manitou to make life easier for logistics professionals for those times when customers don’t have a loading/unloading bay. It’s particularly valuable when dealing with the construction sector, as you can even deliver materials at the end of an unpaved path.

Designed to last, the TMT 55 XT features robust components for ease of upkeep. Payload is kept at a minimum for maximum cost effectiveness. Extremely stable, you can load and unload lorries from a single side, which is quite handy when you must park alongside a wall or on the side of the road.

Equipment Type
Forklifts / Specialty Forklifts / Rough Terrain