TMT 55 HT Manitou

Length: (up to the back of the fork) 9’4″
Width: 8’5″
Height: 8’0″
Weight: (unladen) 5820 lb
Engine brand: Kubota
Power: 49 hp
Lifting capacity: 5500 lb
Type: Telescopic


The TMT 55 HT is a truck-mounted forklift designed so logistics professionals can deliver shipments to customers who do not have paved road access on their sites or who do not have an unloading bay.

The robustly designed telescopic boom, engine power, and intelligent load chart allow you to load and unload lorries from a single side. Incredibly compact and with minimum payload, it is highly appreciated by users for its ease of use. It also features improved traction and unmatched visibility to clear entrances 96.5 inches (2,45m) high while carrying a fuel load of materials.

Equipment Type
Forklifts / Specialty Forklifts / Rough Terrain