• 5 Battery/Range Options
  • All LED Lighting w/ Optional Light Bar or Beacon
  • Open and Closed Carrier Options

Colleges & Universities – Meet sustainability, productivity and budget goals while delivering an outstanding on-campus experience with GEM.

Shuttles & Rentals – Offer a distinctive, comfortable ride with Polaris GEM®. As more people utilize shared services, GEM’s street legal design makes it a perfect fit for the growing shuttle & rental markets.

Facilities Maintenance – Enhance productivity with a made-to-order GEM® vehicle. From ground work to maintenance to security, GEM delivers a hard-working, sustainable mobility tool. The Smarter Way to WorkTM

Personal Transportation – Stand out on the street! GEM’s unique style and build gives drivers and passengers a smooth ride with optimal comfort.

Hotels and Resorts – Make a five star impression with GEM premium electric vehicles. For guest shuttles, housekeeping, grounds, and security, GEM delivers an exceptional experience.

Urban Mobility – Move people and cargo efficiently while meeting sustainability goals. All-electric, street-legal GEM® vehicles offer a unique alternative to traditional full size vehicles or golf carts. GEM is The Smarter Way to Work.

Custom Applications – When it comes to getting the job done, having the right tools matter. GEM offers optional factory-warrantied accessories, that can be installed in production or by a dealer. If your job requires more customization, GEM can be upfit with designed or third-party solutions.


Transport people around campuses, facilities or neighborhoods in distinctive comfort with GEM’s spacious,
ergonomic design and street-legal safety features.

The e2 offers the smallest footprint and most nimble performance, including a tight turn radius for limited spaces.

Equipment Type
Electric Vehicles / Street Legal