Forklift Winter Preparation

Forklift Tips: Preparing Your Forklifts for Winter
Forklift Winter Preventative | Winterize Forklift

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Winter will be here before you know it, are you and your fleet prepared?

Cold temperatures and moisture can negatively impact your equipment. An unprepared warehouse can suffer significant downtime if you do not prepare for the temperature drop. But don’t worry, it’s not too late to prepare for winter!

  1. Check your batteries and charging systems to make sure the battery is properly holding charge.
  2. Inspect work lights, taillights and warning lights to ensure they are all operating properly.
  3. Double check the forklift’s braking system.
  4. Clean out and flush the cooling system and add new antifreeze.
  5. Inspect exhaust system for leaks.
  6. Change the oil.
  7. Check tire pressure and tire tread and replace tires if needed.
  8. Check fuel, air, transmission and hydraulic filters.
  9. Test all primary operating systems such as the mast and forks.

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