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Medley Equipment Company is your local material handling full-service dealership in Joplin, Missouri. Our Team of Factory-Trained Service Technicians can help you in keeping your forklifts and material handling equipment in top operating condition and ensure your productivity. We service ALL Makes & Models of material handling equipment from forklifts including Hyster lift trucks, Yale forklift, Bendi, Combilift, Cushman, Drexel, Harlo, Landoll, Manitou, Mariotti, and Utilev, for heavy equipment including Genie Lifts, JLG lift equipment, for industrial cleaning equipment like Powerboss, for passenger vehiclesutility vehicles and tow tractors from Taylor-Dunn, GEM Polaris and Cushman.

Lift Truck Service Forklift in Joplin, MO – local premier full-service forklift dealer, scheduled maintenance plans / repair programs, competitive hourly rates for labor, one-stop local forklift parts provider, sanitizing service for forklifts, paint services, mobile tire service, on-call, 24/7 emergency service available and many more forklift solutions!

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Forklift PM Maintenance Joplin, MO

Planned Maintenance Services for Forklifts that will keep your fleet productive and increase your up time.

Planned Maintenance (PM) service is created to ensure that your forklift always operates at its peak performance. It can also prevent chances of downtime and helps increase productivity.

Medley Equipment has the resources and expertise to help you effectively manage your fleet while lowering operation costs.

Our Fleet Management Program is designed to analyze your specific needs and implement the right system to maximize your fleet’s potential at the lowest cost per hour.

Benefits of Fleet Management:

Fleet Right Sizing – Administrative Cost Reduction – Reduces Maintenance Costs & Downtime – Planned Maintenance Management – Equipment Disposal – Resource Planning – Production & Capacity Analysis – Asset Management Enhancement – Continuous Cost Improvement

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 Joplin, MO Forklift Fleet Management

Fleet management is extremely helpful when managing multiple units. Fleet management helps control cost, improve operations, manage employees, and reduce risk. Medley Equipment offers a tool that can help you get better on a day-by-day basis, finding inefficiencies that are holding you back from long-term growth. Let us provide a consultation that helps you decide what technology and services are right for your business.

Our Fleet Management Team will offer you insight into your unique business and give recommendations and information that you can then turn into better productivity, safer job sites, and higher margins.

Operator Training Joplin, MO

At Medley Equipment Company, “We’re On a Mission” to make sure that you, and your employees are OSHA certified to properly operate your equipment safely and effectively.

Training and Certification: This training and certification program is a classroom session that is followed by a written exam, hands-on review and driving evaluation.

Each operator receives a Certificate of Completion and an Operator ID card upon passing a written test and practical evaluation.

Your company will also receive copies of the class sign in sheet and the attendees written exam as well as the evaluation form.

Our Operator and Safety Training Courses include Power Industrial Trucks/ Warehouse forklifts, Rough Terrain Vehicles/ Telescopic forklifts, Aerial Work Platforms/ Aerial Lifts and more.

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Telemetry Forklift Asset Management Columbia Missouri, Telemetry Forklift Asset Management Barry Missouri, Telemetry Forklift Asset Management Lawrence Missouri, Telemetry Forklift Asset Management Dade Missouri, Telemetry Forklift Asset Management Cedar Missouri, Telemetry Forklift Asset Management Jasper Missouri, Telemetry Forklift Asset Management McDonald Missouri, Telemetry Forklift Asset Management Newton Missouri, Telemetry Forklift Asset Management Barton Missouri, Telemetry Forklift Asset Management Webb City Missouri, Telemetry Forklift Asset Management Carthage Missouri, Telemetry Forklift Asset Management Neosho Missouri, Telemetry Forklift Asset Management Republic Missouri, Telemetry Forklift Asset Management Joplin Missouri, Telemetry Forklift Asset Management Allen Kansas, Telemetry Forklift Asset Management Bourbon Kansas, Telemetry Forklift Asset Management Wilson Kansas, Telemetry Forklift Asset Management Neosho Kansas, Telemetry Forklift Asset Management Crawford Kansas, Telemetry Forklift Asset Management Montgomery Kansas, Telemetry Forklift Asset Management Labette Kansas, Telemetry Forklift Asset Management Cherokee Oklahoma

Joplin, MO Telemetry (Forklift Asset Management)

We can help you manage cost, optimize productivity, and protect your assets. With our vision wireless asset management, you will have a complete picture of operational costs and areas of improvement. ― When is the right time to replace a unit? What is the right way to advance the fleet during periods of fluctuating volume? How well is the fleet being utilized? Is the workload balanced across the assets? With Medley Equipment, you can get the most out of every truck in your fleet.

We are your local Forklift Dealer in the community of Barry, Lawrence, Dade, Cedar, Jasper, McDonald, Newton, Barton, Webb City, Carthage, Neosho, Republic and the surrounding area in Joplin, Missouri. Let us work out a scheduled equipment-forklift maintenance plan that will keep your warehouses and distribution centers in the Joplin, Missouri productive.

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